Abundance of LOVE 

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Vow 1

Before family and friends

I vow to love and care for you

I take you, 

With all your faults and strengths

As I offer myself to you 

With all my faults and strengths

I will help you when you need help,

And turn to you when I need help

I promise my love to you forevermore


Vow 2

I take you to be my partner in life

My one true love

I will cherish our friendship

I will trust you and honor you

I will laugh with you and cry with you

Through the best and the worst

I will always be there

I give you my hand to hold

I give you my love forever


Vow 3

Today, is a day of celebration,

For today I will marry my best friend,

The one I will live with, dream with, and love

I take you to be my one true love

With joy I look at our new path

Knowing we will walk it together

Side by side   hand in hand     heart to heart

For as long as we both shall live


Vow 4

The greatest desire of my heart

Is to be faithful and to love you always  

I will encourage you and comfort you

I will respect and honor you 

I will seek harmony in our marriage

You are my best friend I will love you forever


Vow 5

Before our family and friends

I declare my love for you

I invite you to share my life

As my one true love forevermore


 Vow 6

You have brought sunshine to my soul,

Joy to my days,  Love to my life

May every day of our lives

Be full of love and joy

My heart is open and my soul rejoices

As we start our new journey 

I love you today, tomorrow and forever


Vow 7

I love you

You are my best friend

I promise to encourage you

Inspire you,

Laugh with you

In moments of joy

Comfort you

In times of sorrow

I promise to love and cherish you

These things I give to you today

And all the days of our life


Vow 8

Very truly, I am yours

I am your best friend,

Your lover,

Your confidant

I will always be here for you

The companion of your life

Today  Tomorrow  and forevermore


Vow 9

On this day, I wed the one I love

I promise to respect and honor you.

I give all that is within my heart and soul, 

To give forevermore


Vow 10

I promise to wipe away your tears 

I promise to bring joy with my laughter

Your pain with my caring and compassion.  

We will fill our lives with unconditional love.  

I give myself to you completely 

I promise to love you always